Tata Steel

Tata Steel Group is a multinational company with a long history. Established in 1907, in India by Dorabji Tata, by 1939 Tata ran the largest steel plant in the British Empire. The company went on to expand into the US with a subsidiary in New York. By the beginning of the 21st century Tata Steel acquired Natsteel, Millennium Steel and Corus (which merged with British Steel in 1999) making it the 5th largest steel producer in the world. Tata now have offices in the UK, Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, China and Australia.

Tata Steel have a socially responsible attitude and invest in social welfare schemes in India which provide education and training for those both for their employees and people in the surrounding areas. The company sees itself as a family with a shared corporate culture based on aspirational targets, safety and social responsibility and continuing improvement.